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Among the primary goals of the Roberto Gualdi precision engineering company is that of satisfying the needs of its customers:


  • a codesign service
  • prompt production of the moulds
  • compliance with delivery deadlines
  • product quality and precision
  • ability to produce any kind of mould.


Technological innovation, attention to detail and the use of the most suitable equipment and materials are part of the company’s armoury in satisfying the demands of each individual customer. For 3D design work with Top Solid software, we have been collaborating for many years with engineers born and bred in the world of moulds.

Quotations focussed on the real needs of the customer, technical collaboration and compliance with delivery times make the Roberto Gualdi precision engineering company a partner you can trust.

Its plant and machinery enable the production of moulds in sizes up to 1,800x700 mm and a maximum weight of 5 tonnes. The tool paths are calculated by powerful CAD/CAM systems that enable virtual kinematic monitoring of all the processing and movements even before the positioning of the mould guaranteeing that our machines can operate automatically round the clock seven days a week without any supervision.

In the department there are:


  • 3 CAD/CAM systems for continuous 3 and 5 axis processing
  • 4 of the very latest Deckel Maho 3 and 5 axis machining centres with travel of 450 x 600 x 400h up to 700 x 1800 x 700h with 16 to 32 position tool changing, presetting and tool breakage detection. Direct in-machine mould measuring and checking with Renishaw probe
  • numerically controlled Biglia lathe with 4 axes and motorised chucks. Maximum turning and milling diameter 300 x 600 with automatic tool presetting
  • 4 numerically controlled Charmilles Roboform die sinking electrical discharge machines with travel of 300 x 350 up to 600 x 500, from 4 to 16 position tool changers, all equipped with 4° C axes for maximum automation and precision
  • 1 Charmilles Robofil wire cutting electrical discharge machine with 300 x 400 x 230h travel with wire ø from 0.1 to 0.25 and inclined cutting up to 30°
  • Rosa numerically controlled grinding machines with effective working dimensions of 1100 x 600 x 550h
  • Millutensil mould tryout press with energy accumulator and wax injection unit
  • various other pieces of equipment for processing and adjustments.

realizzazioni / Gualdi stampi: l'azienda e i moderni macchinari


realizzazioni / Gualdi stampi: altri macchinari per lo stampaggio


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Via Roma, 119 - 38083 CONDINO TN

tel. 0465 621110 - fax 0465 622284


Via Roma, 119 - 38083 CONDINO TN | Tel. 0465 621110 - Fax 0465 622284
P. IVA 01454880228
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