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The company was founded in 1968 by its present owner, Attilio Gualdi.
Right from the time it started production the company has had a clear focus: small to medium sized moulds for plastic and heat-hardening materials. Right from its founding, the company has been equipped with a range of plant and machinery to satisfy all the demands of mould production, because the proprietor’s intention right from the beginning was to carry out in-house all the various types of processing.
In 1988 the first Deckel FP4A numerically controlled milling machine was added to the equipment, enabling the production of increasingly complex moulds. In 1989 the son, Roberto, joined the company and in 1994 the company took his name. A powerful, modern CAD/CAM system was bought for the design and execution of complex tool paths. In fact, over the years significant investments have been made in new 3 and 5 axis Deckel Maho machining centres, increasingly automated Charmilles wire cutting and die sinking electrical discharge machining equipment and a 4 axis motorised Biglia lathe that enables turning and milling to be carried out with a single positioning and with the greatest precision.
This has allowed the Roberto Gualdi precision engineering company to make a successful entry into the market for moulds, offering processing of high precision and accuracy, thanks to the constant emphasis placed on new technologies.
The company’s philosophy has always been to focus on satisfying the customer, that above all is viewed as collaboration in the development of products, as well as the supplying of moulds that are reliable and accurately made, and always delivered within the agreed timescales.
Hence, both the introduction of new technology and the attention paid to the needs of the customer have always driven the Roberto Gualdi precision engineering company’s ongoing investment both in new machinery and in the training of its personnel, believing them to be a key factor in the company’s success.

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Via Roma, 119 - 38083 CONDINO TN

tel. 0465 621110 - fax 0465 622284


Via Roma, 119 - 38083 CONDINO TN | Tel. 0465 621110 - Fax 0465 622284
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